Lead Generation

Every company in lifetime has faced problems where there are unable to find right audience. There are multiple examples where businesses have to suffer loss due to poor marketing insights. By Partner company , we provide the services

Thats why, it's utterly essential to be able to target right set of buyers that will be interested in your product.  We at  Inventa help our clients to identify correct prospect and increase their ROI on marketing.

B2B Lead Generation

So that their sales  team spend less time in nurturing and following - up on unfruitful leads and ensuring higher conversion rate.

We can help you generate MQL, HQL, SQL, Email marketing, White paper, webinars and  BANT Lead Generation. 

MQL - Marketing Qualified leads which are basically at the top of the sales funnel . They have high conversion potential. These prospect show interest by clicking on download button one landings pages of your website. An AI- powered automation tool gives further deeper insight about that lead. 

HQL - High quality leads are the one that shows sales readiness. The MQL are further evaluated for sales readiness by different methods like telephonic conversation upon their consent.


Prospects that show clear interest in receiving call back from inside sales reps are identified.

BANT Lead Generation

Leads which have undergone the BANT qualification process. They are accepted to be as good fit for product by answering few questions like - 

a) We take confirmed consent to be contacted.

b) We identify about existing solution prospect is using. 

c) We identify if any challenges or pain points.

d) We identify the time frame to change the current solution. 


Let our marketing insights increase your sales and boost your competitive advantage.

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